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Wiseman Software provides advanced consulting services ranging from technology selection, cloud architecture, microservices design, CI/CD pipeline implementation and complex DevOps

Cloud First Methodology

Cloud First lets you select the cloud and benefit from the extensive benefits offered by cloud infrastructure, without concern of vendor locking. The Cloud First methodology model enables companies to place their solution in the cloud, while making important and conscious decisions regarding cloud vs. dedicated deployment. Learn more...

About Us

Wiseman Software provides cloud development and consulting services to software companies looking to implement their technology over the cloud. Whether you need a complex, high availability, cloud infrastructure solution or need specialists to deliver a smaller cloud migration or software project, Wiseman Software will deliver your project, supporting you in your time-to-market considerations. With proven AWS expertise.
Case Study: Patentest
Challenge: provide a robust and scalable architecture and deployment to replace Patentest’s existing web application deployment and support its expanding user base. Result: The new cloud architecture was built and deployed over AWS, improving web application scalability, performance and uptime significantly.
Case Study: Madeyoum
Challenge: create solution for professional do-it-yourself video commercials. Result: Madeyoum was created with cloud-based video creation technology incorporating algorithms from the fields of image and video analysis with sophisticated automatic video editing algorithms.
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