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Madeyoum offers a platform for quick self-creation of online marketing videos with a professional look & feel. Madeyoum cloud based video creation technology incorporates algorithms from the fields of image and video analysis with sophisticated automatic video editing algorithms. Madeyoum was nominated among the leading 100 startups in Amazon’s AWS Challenge 2011 competition. Read more…
CloudOn is revolutionizing the world of mobile productivity. CloudOn enables you to access your information, use popular applications and share your work – in a single workspace, on your favorite tablet.With CloudOn, the tools you need to get your work done are right at your fingertips. Read more…
Patentest provides IP research services to individual inventors, law firms, and corporations, serving tens of thousands of private and corporate customers. Patentest is a part of the NewTone group. Read more…
Simbionix is the world’s leading provider of simulation,training and education solutions for medical professionals and the healthcare industry. With its full array of MIS simulators, Simbionix is committed to advancing clinical performance and optimizing procedural outcomes through education and collaboration. Read more…
PointGrab is a leading provider of advanced Hand Gesture Recognition Software using a standard 2D camera. PointGrab’s user-friendly solutions include next generation technology for hand gesture recognition; enabling TVs, PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, All-in-One devices and more to be operated by a Natural User Interface (NUI) using hand gestures only. Read more…
Say Media Group
Say Media’s mission is to create a network of mobile and gaming sites by bridging the gap between the publishers and the advertisers. This revolutionary approach to both games and mobile, together with Say Media’s marketing strategies and technological innovations in the mobile market have enabled the establishment of a vast network of premium publishers, linked to exclusive offers. Read more…
Interbit is a software development, training and consulting company. Interbit provides integrated software solutions in Microsoft , Java/EE, MySQL, PHP, Linux/Unix, Web2.0, Flex, Security and WebServices/SOA. Interbit also provides software training and courses on and off-site. Read more…
Case Study: Patentest
Challenge: provide a robust and scalable architecture and deployment to replace Patentest’s existing web application deployment and support its expanding user base. Result: The new cloud architecture was built and deployed over AWS, improving web application scalability, performance and uptime significantly.
Case Study: Madeyoum
Challenge: create solution for professional do-it-yourself video commercials. Result: Madeyoum was created with cloud-based video creation technology incorporating algorithms from the fields of image and video analysis with sophisticated automatic video editing algorithms.

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